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A Best-Selling
Book by
Kathleen Stauffer



Bridge the Knowledge Gap

Do you have what it takes to build agile, successful teams? Pursue mergers that transform? Are you solving the right problems for efficiency and growth? Do you want to leverage your mission for large-scale social change? Does your Board have a shared vision for innovation?

Discover the critical lessons of success with 11 Secrets of Nonprofit Excellence in this step-by-step executive guide:

  • Build effective, enthusiastic teams

  • Deploy tech to boost revenues and quality

  • Launch profitable micro businesses

  • Negotiate game-changing legislative outcomes

  • Design and implement dynamic strategic plans

11 Secrets offers practical stories, disciplines, data, and humor in an empowering blueprint for achieving excellence in any organization. The book addresses the resource gap for navigating non-profit growth and innovative tech solutions. Deftly weaving vignettes from the author’s successful careers in international publishing and nonprofits, 11 Secrets introduces real-life encounters with notables such as Muhammad Ali to unlock valuable secrets of quality, excellence, and mission advancement. 11 Secrets lends itself to powerful coaching and winning outcomes for start-ups, non-profits, Boards and leaders, cross sector.

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About the Author

Kathleen Stauffer is a strategic, results-driven professional with deep expertise in executive leadership and mergers/acquisitions. An expert on high-performance team building, organizational transformation and leveraging mergers for large-scale social change, she’s enjoyed success as a CEO, president, division chief, and media group publisher.


Under her leadership, The Arc Eastern Connecticut grew from a struggling $5 million nonprofit supporting people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities to an enterprising, $22+ million hybrid. Kathleen serves on national and regional Boards and is a recognized leader, writer, and presenter.


Peter Drucker first identified the importance of studying non-profit management.  ‘No Margin, No Mission’ is one famous quote.   Nonprofits are by far the largest employer group in the US, and they are the original laboratory for managing knowledge workers.  Kathleen Stauffer has added valuable insights to the store of knowledge in this field.  Ms. Stauffer's 11 Secrets lives in the real-world of experience, and I find that her insights are also relevant to some of the startups that I work with.

Hugh Evans,

Founder and Managing Member, 3D Ventures

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